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Unique design with the most silent and high performance!

  • Adjust the room’s humidity using dehumidifier’s digital display
  • Great results due to the continuous dehumidification
  • Dry your clothes with the continuous dehumidification mode
  • Silent mode to banish humidity during the night

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Dehumidifying Capacity 10 L / 24 hours
Power Consumption (26.7℃ 60%RH) 190 W
Noise Level 39 db(A)
Air Output (High/Medium/Low) 107/85 m³ / h
Water Tank 2.1 L
Dimensions (HxWxD) 320x215x420 mm
Net Weight 11.2 kg
Refrigerant R290
Room Temperature from 5 to 35 ℃


Dehumidifying Capacity 12 L / 24 hours
Power Consumption (26.7℃ 60%RH) 200 W
Noise Level 41 db(A)
Air Output (High/Medium/Low) 118/99 m³ / h
Water Tank 2.1 L
Dimensions (HxWxD) 320x215x420 mm
Net Weight 11.4 kg
Refrigerant R290
Room Temperature from 5 to 35 ℃

Excellent dehumidification results, noise-free!

Fresh dehumidifier of 10 & 12lt can achieve the most ideal levels of humidity at your space, thanks to the Continuous Dehumidification and Continuous Drainage function that allow you to enjoy drastic results even in the most persistent cases of humidity. Forget all about constantly emptying the water tank and at the same time, acquire total control of the appliance thanks to Overflow Protection function, preventing from any leakage risk. The Silent Mode can ensure conditions of ultimate quiet while you get to enjoy your every activity, undisturbed!

Continuous Dehumidification

Benefit from the continuous dehumidification when immediate results are needed. With continuous dehumidification the device acts as a catalyst in conditions of high demand, such as drying clothes or flooded rooms, eliminating moisture quickly and effectively.


Quietly enjoy a hygiene atmosphere without humidity. Enable Silent mode during the night or at times that require absolute silence and ensure the ideal level of moisture in your room, without hassles.

Continuous Drainage

Forget about the continuously emptying the water tank thanks to the continuous drainage option. Place the tube at the back of the device and plug it into the siphon. The water collected during the operation of the dehumidifier will flow directly into any selected drain.

Overflow protection

Enjoy the safe operation of your dehumidifier thanks to the special equipment for protection from overflow. When the water tank is full the dehumidifier automatically switches off and the Full indicator illuminates informing you that the water tank must be emptied, preventing any leakage.

Casters for easy mobility

Relocate your dehumidifier wherever and whenever needed.The integrated casters, allow full mobility and the unit may be easily moved and positioned where necessary, for optimal results.

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