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Dehumidifier with Clothes Drying Smart Sensor & 4D Swing Louver!

  • Dry clothes immediately, efficiently and above all economically!
  • Antibacterial Protection for a perfectly hygienic & clean atmosphere
  • 4D Swing Louver for high quality & immediate results
  • Large Water Tank for continuous & trouble-free operation of the dehumidifier!
  • Relaxing and pleasant environment without unwanted sounds thanks to the Low Noise Level

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Dehumidifying Capacity 25 L / 24 hours
Power Consumption (26.7℃ 60%RH) 247 W
Noise Level 39 db(A)
Air Output (High/Medium/Low) 205/180/125 m³ / h
Water Tank 4.0 L
Dimensions (HxWxD) 454x526x287 mm
Net Weight 15.8 kg
Refrigerant R290
Room Temperature from 5 to 35 ℃

Flexibility and comfort, to the maximum!

The Smart dehumidifier, with advanced design and functions is here to ensure absolute comfort and safety when using the device. By activating the automatic clothes drying function, you can easily and quickly have dry and fragrant clothes while at the same time you save energy as the operating time of the dehumidifier is drastically reduced. At the same time, with the 4D swing louver, you enjoy your activities carefree, leaving the device to guarantee perfect results and uniform air distribution in your place in less time. Immediacy and flexibility in the excellent dehumidification results are also offered by the touch panel that allows easy and fast adjustment of its operation, as well as the large water tank that ensures greater autonomy for more hours without having to worry about its continuous emptying. Finally, the protection of the unit and the extension of its life is ensured by activating the drying function inside the dehumidifier that protects against the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and releasing fresh and clean air in the room, during its next use!

Clothes Drying Smart Sensor

Dry clothes instantly, efficiently and above all economically, thanks to the automatic clothes drying function. The smart sensor with its unique design, rotates 360 degrees locating wet clothes and directing the air to where it is needed. Save energy and money as clothes drying time is drastically reduced. At the same time, the dehumidifier becomes the ideal solution in case of areas that are not heated properly, since by activating the automatic drying function, the air coming out of the unit is warm, ensuring dry clothes even faster!

Antibacterial Protection

Ensure a perfectly healthy & clean atmosphere. At the touch of a button, the drying function inside the dehumidifier is activated. The process takes just 90′ and as soon as it is completed, the device is ready for use again, free of bacteria and fungi, offering you fresh and clean air in your place.

4D Swing Louver

Take advantage of the unique and innovative 4D swing louver of the Smart dehumidifier and ensure high quality results in a few minutes! By activating the corresponding buttons, the louver moves left – right & up – down, resulting in full flow and uniform air distribution in your place, thus giving you perfect results in less time and with the least possible energy consumption!

Large Water Tank

Ensure continuous & trouble-free operation, thanks to the 4-liter water tank of the Smart dehumidifier. The large capacity gives you more autonomy, as emptying the water tank is no longer a common process that you must be concerned about.

Low Noise Level

Enjoy ideal conditions in your place and create a relaxing and pleasant environment, with no disturbing sounds and of course humidity, which makes the choice of this dehumidifying series the ideal solution of advanced technology and impressive results, absolutely noise free!

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