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Inventor air conditioners offer excellent conditions in the atmosphere of your home. Being eco-friendly and paired with a 2-year or 5-year warranty card, they offer reliability, high-standard design, clean air, comfort and, above all, innovative solutions thanks to smart Wi-Fi technology. Fi.


Cassettes air conditioners of low sound level for unique comfort and equable temperature in every single edge of your room

    • Unique comfort due to the 360° airflow
    • Capability of a vent connection to cool extra small rooms
    • Capability of a vent connection for a fresh and clean atmosphere
    • Additional comfort due to the integrated water pump
    • Excellent protection of the unit thanks to the new golden fin
    • Easy setting of your air conditioner from wherever you are with the Wi-Fi control


Ducted air conditioners. The business power for all conditions!

  • Super slim design for easy installation
  • Double air outlet from the back or the bottom side of the unit
  • Capability of a vent connection
  • Integrated water pump
  • Ideal conditions from wherever you are thanks to the Wi-Fi control
  • Excellent protection due to the new golden fin


Outdoor Multi units of high resistance and performance

    • Excellent protection of the unit thanks to the golden fin
    • Connect up to 5 indoor units to one outdoor unit
    • Stable operation in hard conditions and maximum energy saving
    • Maximum energy savings thanks to the A+++ energy class
    • Lower global warming potential due to the new R32 eco refrigerant


Ultimately quiet Aria air conditioners with Hotel Menu function and smart Wi-Fi control!

    • Hotel Menu function for up to 70% energy savings
    • Operate your air conditioner easily from anywhere you are through your smartphone or tablet
    • Create a clean and healthy atmosphere in your place thanks to the Ionizer filter
    • Uniform air distribution and balanced temperature thanks to the 4D Air Flow
    • Ideal conditions where you need them thanks to the Follow Me function