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Air Purifier with 6 filtration stages & double air filtration system for an ultimately clean and healthy atmosphere!

  • 6 air filtration stages & Ionizer for a healthy atmosphere and effective removal of dust, pollen and allergens
  • Double filtration system for efficient coverage of big rooms and speedy results
  • Air quality indicator for a direct and reliable diagnosis of the air quality in your place
  • 3 advanced sensors for a valid diagnosis and immediate adjustment to the needs of the place
  • Auto mode for impeccable conditions with the lowest noise level
  • Red dot award winner

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Speeds 5
Reps per minute (min/max) 635 / 1034 rpm
Power Consumption (per fan speed) 4 / 6 / 10 / 23 / 35 W
CADR 550 m³ / h
Noise Level (per fan speed) 26 / 31 / 38 / 49 / 54 db(A)
Airflow Volume (per fan speed) 108 / 177 / 269 / 434 / 525 m³ / h
Air Filtration Capacity H13 - 99,97%
Room Coverage up to 85 / 255 m² / m³
Filtration Stages 6 + Ionizer
Sensors (PM2.5/VOC/Light) YES
Net Weight 10.6 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 310x310x680 mm
Casters YES
Timer YES (12/24/48/72h)

Double Air Purification Benefits!

The advanced features of the Quality 550 air purifier form a complete action in order to improve the quality in your place. The 6 air filtration stages and the integrated ionizer guarantee an impeccable air quality and effectively protect against allergens, dust, pollen, unpleasant odors and malicious bacteria in the atmosphere of your place, in order for you to enjoy a pleasant and healthy environment. Simultaneously, the double filtration system achieves even faster results, quickly filtering the air and covering more square meters. In addition, the air quality indicator facilitates a valid notification of the air quality in your place, via the relevant luminous indication. The smart sensors (PM2.5, VOC & Light) are to become your best partners, since they constantly scan the place to trace the ongoing conditions. Choosing the auto mode the unit immediately adjusts to those conditions in order to obtain excellent results based on your activity or resting time.

Air Purifier Certification

All Inventor air purifiers have been certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation – ECARF.

What is the ECARF?
ECARF is an independent foundation of scientists and technicians with presence in over 30 countries that checks products and services based on strict criteria and grants the quality stamp to those whose use does not in any way cause allergies.

What is the quality stamp?
It is the written guarantee confirming the highest quality of Inventor air purifiers. Meeting all the high standard criteria for ECARF certification, fully hypoallergenic, providing a substantial upgrade in the air quality, removing various allergens and pathogenic microorganisms.

6 Air Filtration Stages & Ionizer

A clean and healthy atmosphere in your area is ensured, due to the highly effective 6 filtration stages and the Ionizer. These high filtration levels withhold 99,97% of all particles larger than 0,3μm, providing an impeccable air quality, while the Ionizer produces Ions which eliminate odors, dust and smoke.

Double Filtration System

Ensure fast results and effective cleaning, due to the unit’s double filtration stystem! Wide, in surface, filters are placed on the two sides of the unit, allowing a larger air quantity flow for filtration. This way you may enjoy double the benefits, ensuring ideal clean and healthy air conditions, and at the same time being time and energy efficient!

Air Quality Indicator

The ulitmate control of your air quality, is now possible with the air quality indicator! The air is constantly monitored through the sensors of the air purifier in order to detect chemical compounds such as mold and unpleasant odors as well as floating particles. The luminous LED indicator of the appliance adjusts directly offering reliable information about the excellent, good or burdened air quality. Benefit from the advanced operation of the air purifier and be notified for the air quality any time you wish!


Enjoy air quality at its best, this is accomplished by 3 sensors the PM2.5, VOC and the light sensor. The PM2.5 sensor detects small floating particles in the air, the VOC detects the chemical compounds of the atmosphere while the Light sensor perceives the brightness levels of the room. By providing all the above information, through the sensors, the device is always aware of its surrounding air conditions and is able to adjust and provide clean air.

Auto Function

Due to the three sensors of the device, all information regarding the air quality and the brightness is collected, and, as a result the operation of the air purifier is adjusted accordingly. By pressing on the touch screen the automatic function, the purifier can, if necessary, change the fan speed, in order to better respond to the room conditions, providing fresh air. Enjoy the comfort and carefree usage of the device while at the same time save energy by avoiding any unnecessary use.

2 Years Warranty Card for Inventor Air Purifier

Inventor air purifier is accompanied with a 2- year warranty card. Its high production quality ensures its impeccable performance and long-term operation, even in the most demanding conditions.

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