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Healthy and fresh environment free of unpleasant sounds!

  • Get rid of dust, pollutants, unpleasant odors, and microorganisms thanks to the integrated Ionizer
  • Operate the appliance from anywhere you are at any time and maintain ideal humidity levels at home
  • Ensure noise free dehumidification and enjoy perfect moments of quiet and resting
  • Energy & money saving with the Smart Dehumidification function that automatically chooses the ideal humidity level according to the temperature in your place
  • Easily move around the device wherever you wish with the integrated casters

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Dehumidifying Capacity 20 L / 24 hours
Power Consumption (26.7℃ 60%RH) 260 W
Noise Level 37 db(A)
Air Output (High/Medium/Low) 168/125/99 m³ / h
Water Tank 3.0 L
Dimensions (HxWxD) 510x350x245 mm
Net Weight 14.0 kg
Refrigerant R290
Room Temperature from 5 to 35 ℃

Create a fresh and healthy environment free of noise from anywhere you are!

With the Premium Ion dehumidifying series you can ensure healthy atmosphere in your place, relieved from malicious particles thanks to its powerful Ionizer. Obtain excellent humidity levels thanks to the Smart Dehumidification function while saving energy and reducing the power consumption. Easily move around the device wherever you wish with the integrated casters and operate the appliance via the application even when you are not at home. The Continuous Dehumidification and Turbo mode ensure fast results even in the most demanding cases and the Low Noise Level of the dehumidifier makes sure you obtain perfect conditions of silence!

2 Year Warranty for all Inventor Dehumidifiers

All Inventor dehumidifiers are accompanied with a 2- year warrant. Their high production quality ensure their impeccable performance and long term operation, even in the most demanding conditions.


Ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere in your place and enjoy an ultimate sense of freshness just like when in nature thanks to the integrated Ionizer! The way the Ionizer deals with malicious particles in the atmosphere of your place results in the creation of a cleaner, healthier and fresher environment, relieved of pollutants, dust, unpleasant odors and microorganisms. You are to be surprised by the substantial difference in the air quality of your place and discover new levels of comfort and rest!


Achieve ideal humidity levels in your place from wherever you are. Enjoy ideal conditions and save energy. Free download INVmate II through Google Play or App Store and create the environment you want whenever you want it through smart Wi-Fi technology. Enjoy the benefits of ideal humidity levels in your area, no matter where you are.

Low Noise Level

Enjoy ideal conditions in your place and create a relaxing and pleasant environment, with no disturbing sounds and of course humidity, which makes the choice of this dehumidifying series the ideal solution of advanced technology and impressive results, absolutely noise free!

Smart Dehumidification

Save money and energy, thanks to the Smart dehumidification function. The dehumidifier automatically selects ideal moisture levels according to the room temperature, thus ensuring low power consumption and excellent conditions in your area.

Casters for Easy Mobility

Dry your clothes effectively and healthy, with the Dryer operation. Place the clothes horse in a small room (with the door closed) and activate Clothes drying program. The air produced reinforces freshness and ensures dry and fragrant clothes in a short period of time, while maintaining the room completely dry.

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